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Only soft wheat,
selected and certified.

Vodka Silla® is an organic, gluten-free product made from organic soft wheat.
We use only selected, certified wheat of the highest quality, distilled to perfection by our master distillers using a newly developed, technologically advanced plant.

The association of sophisticated and innovative distillation and filtration results in a really pure, crystal-clear product.
The entire creation process of our distillate takes place in Italy, in Piedmont, at the foot of the Cottian Alps.
Apart from organic soft wheat and pure water, we do not use any other type of ingredient.

Contained in every bottle of Vodka Silla® is the purity of uncontaminated nature that expresses a story of Italian excellence: the harmonious culmination of passion, study and research.


by Nature


by the wind


by fire

3,841m Monviso, Piemonte
2.042m Silla® water spring


From the highest
spring in Europe.

We only use pure, natural mineral water as it flows from the spring. The water for Vodka Silla® comes from Europe’s highest spring at an altitude of 2,042 metres, in the heart of the Monviso region.
Special water, gushing from a pristine alpine aquifer, shielded by the rocks that encompass it, at a temperature between 3 and 4 °C, far from any human habitation or source of pollution.

The purity of Vodka SILLA® is characterised by bacteriologically pure water to which no disinfection treatments can be applied.

The springs that gave us Vodka Silla® are located in the Piedmont region of Italy and have been declared a reserve of mankind and the biosphere by UNESCO: this recognition is intended to reward sustainable development and uncontaminated purity.
The water used for Vodka Silla® is on the list of the world’s waters lowest in sodium: only 0.20 mg/l*.



Quality certificates.

Our structured approach to maintaining Italian quality in every aspect of the production process and our constant control have enabled us to create a perfect vodka, which has received a series of certifications.

The product complies with the following regulations:

  • UE 787/2019 – UE 8484/2018
  • CE 1829/2003 and 1830/2003
  • UE 1169/11 et seq.
  • UE 787 of 17/04/2019
  • CE 852/2004
  • UE 1881/06 and subsequent amendments
  • UE 396/05 and subsequent amendments