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To do this we started from our very own Piedmont, choosing to use only the best raw materials, selected and certified, without compromise.
The result?
After more than two years of research and countless studies, testing and blending, we found the perfect recipe, precisely the one we had been dreaming of for a long time: a vodka designed to be the perfect ingredient of any exclusive cocktail. Soft, refined but with a bold character, ideal for savouring in all its purity.


Created from scratch,
to get to the top.

Every story starts with an intuition.
Ours was to create something sensational, to make people appreciate the harmony and purity of Italian craftsmanship.

At the same time, we conceived and designed an iconic bottle with a uniquely, distinctive design. Finally, we created a selection of cocktails, specifically designed to bring out the quality of vodka Silla®.
Nothing has been easy, but for us challenges are what keep the flame of innovation and creativity alive.
We aim to be a benchmark of Italian excellence, sharing only the best possible quality with our customers.



Our vodka is 100% natural and 100% Italian quality.
It is produced entirely in Italy, following a highly sophisticated production process and strict quality standards.
The entire process is thought out, studied and monitored down to the smallest detail, combining all aspects in a perfect harmony of Italian design, quality and innovation.