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Silla® Philosophy

Made in Italy.

Vodka Silla® adopts a structured approach to Italian quality.
Every Silla® component, from the vodka itself to the bottle, is produced entirely in Italy under the careful scrutiny of our experts so that the highest quality standards are always met.
This thoroughness means strict control over the overall quality of our products, supporting our continued growth and development.
Every product that reflects our quality standards is therefore marked with a seal, guaranteeing its authenticity and exclusivity.
We have a strong aversion to subpar quality so we put passion into everything we do, to always deliver a memorable experience.


We create emotions
to be shared.

We are not just a company that makes vodka.
We create emotions that we want to share with people through the outstanding quality of our products. Spreading the excellence of Italian manufacturing in the world is one of our main objectives.

Everything at SILLA® is first thought out, then applied in the right place, with a specific function. Cheap quality is not part of our working standards; every aspect of production has a meaning to us and must be performed impeccably.

We have embraced this philosophy as our mission even in our personal lives, motivating and encouraging us to embrace our Italian entrepreneurial spirit.

“For us, quality is everything. We stake everything on it, along with innovation and sustainability. We care about our company and our planet.”

Davide Rossotto
CEO&Founder of Silla®


To respect
and protect the territory.

Right from the start, we chose to embark on a path of tangible choices based on innovation and environmental sustainability.
Our vodka is exceptionally good, pure and crystal clear thanks to the prestigious raw materials that our land offers us.
This is exactly why it is our duty to respect and protect the land, farming calendars and the traditions that have been handed down for generations about working the land and the raw materials it gives us.
We therefore only use high-quality, tested, certified and 100% recyclable packaging. In packaging design, we put care for the environment first: we do not use disposable plastic as packaging material, but only high-quality, fully recyclable components.
We are also totally focused on the environment during packaging, reducing waste and CO2 emissions as much as possible.